Shoecow makes shopping for vegan shoes easier than ever before.

We check the vegan credentials of brands and their products and aggregate the best vegan shoes from across the internet in one convenient shopping location.

Our objective is to make the lives of vegans that little bit easier and to showcase the range of animal-free footwear on offer to everyone. We ultimately want to help build a future where animals are no longer used as a commodity.

Shoecow is run by a vegan family, based in Brighton, UK who have a passion for the vegan cause and are lovers of footwear. After making the transition to veganism many years ago, it quickly became obvious that footwear was somewhat of a minefield for vegans, with seemingly animal-free products conspicuously containing non-vegan glues or poorly-labelled materials. Thankfully things are getting easier and easier for vegans, with more 100% vegan shoe brands on the market and major footwear manufacturers becoming more transparent with their product components and launching ever-increasing ranges of vegan-friendly shoes.

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