Welcome to our ever-growing guide to vegan shoe brands, be they 100% vegan or vegan-friendly. If you would like to see a brand featured on Shoecow, please get in touch.

Vegan Sandals


Shoecow-verified status: Vegan-friendlybut only select models

Birkenstock is a German heritage brand known around the world for its unique sandals featuring a cork and rubber footbed. Founded in 1774, Birkenstock still manufacture their products in Germany. Thanks to popularity amongst young Americans in the 70s, Birkenstock became associated with liberal lifestyles and politics and counter culture, so it is no surprise to see that the brand is popular today with individuals that have adopted a vegan lifestyle or at least preference for cruelty-free consumerism. Read the full guide.

Vegan Trainers


Shoecow-verified status: Vegan-friendlybut only select models

Converse is one of the most well known footwear brands in the world with iconic silhouettes like the Chuck Taylor All Star being timeless shoe choices for all. Whilst Converse is certainly not a 100% vegan brand due its wide use of leather and suede, a lot of confusion exists as to whether or any of Converse’s thousands of shoes are in fact vegan-friendly, i.e. not made from or containing any animal products at all. Read the full guide.


Shoecow-verified status: Vegan-friendlybut only select models

Etnies were a staple footwear choice for skateboarders throughout the 1990s. The brand has kept its down-to-earth charm thanks to its continued, authentic focus on skateboarding. Etnies produces a large variety of skate shoe models, including signature shoes for its professional skateboard team. Read the full guide.


Shoecow-verified status: Vegan-friendlybut only select models

Much like Converse, Vans‘ counter-culture status is firmly cemented in 20th century history and their styles are therefore commonly loved by vegans. The good news is that many of Vans’ classic and contemporary shoes styles are vegan. Read the full guide.


Shoecow-verified status: Vegan-friendlybut only select models

Veja, pronounced like the “déjà” in déjà vu, is a French footwear brand that prides itself on the transparency and ethical standards of its materials, labour conditions and manufacturing processes. Veja believe in a “positive chain” that uses organic and recycled materials, natural rubber and factory processes of a high standard. Read the full guide.