are converse vegan


Shoecow-verified status: Vegan-friendly, but only select models (see below)

Are Converse Vegan?

Converse is one of the most well known footwear brands in the world with iconic silhouettes like the Chuck Taylor All Star being timeless shoe choices for all. Whilst Converse is certainly not a 100% vegan brand due its wide use of leather and suede, a lot of confusion exists as to whether or any of Converse’s thousands of shoes are in fact vegan-friendly, i.e. not made from or containing any animal products at all.

A Google search will yield lots of conflicting information on the matter, so we reached out to Converse direct for an official statement on exactly which of their products, if any, are vegan-friendly at this moment in time.

We emailed Converse Europe for official verification of the vegan status of their shoes and this was their response:


“All our glues are synthetic and non-animal based. All our canvas, Chuck Taylor All Stars styles are vegan friendly. While the majority of our materials are animal-by-product free, the products could be manufactured in a facility which could contain animal-by-products. In result, it is not possible for us to advertise our products as being truly Vegan. Chuck ‘70 is moving to a leather embossed patch, and updating the logo on the bumper plate sock liner, so the CTAS ’70 is no longer vegan.”


This information was provided to us on 30th November, 2018.

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