Shoecow-verified status: Vegan-friendlybut only select models (see below)

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Are Etnies vegan?

Etnies were a staple footwear choice for skateboarders throughout the 1990s. The brand has kept its down-to-earth charm thanks to its continued, authentic focus on skateboarding. Etnies produces a large variety of skate shoe models, including signature shoes for its professional skateboard team.

Although not exclusively vegan, Etnies does proudly cater to the vegan customer and they do it well. At the time of writing, Etnies listed 72 vegan styles on its website.

Under Etnies’ FAQ section you will also find official confirmation of the vegan status of their shoes:

Etnies offers vegan style footwear for men, women and kids.”

As with all vegan-friendly brands, its important to pay attention when you are shopping for Etnies. If you are using their website, make sure you visit their dedicated vegan product category page and triple check product descriptions before making your final purchase. Etnies are available from many other shops both online and off and in particular from skate shops.

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