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Updated: February 2021

Shoecow-verified status: Vegan-friendly, but only select models (see below)

Are Veja Vegan?

Veja, pronounced like the “déjà” in déjà vu, is a French footwear brand that prides itself on the transparency and ethical standards of its materials, labour conditions and manufacturing processes. Veja believe in a “positive chain” that uses organic and recycled materials, natural rubber and factory processes of a high standard. The Veja site has a wealth of content documenting their “production with a positive impact” and those curious to learn more can start here.

Veja is ultimately a vegan-friendly brand rather than a 100% vegan brand because it does use leather and suede in many of its products. At the time of writing, Veja offered 41 different vegan styles on its website, comprised of a variety of colourways across 6 or 7 different styles, including retro pumps and 70s style runners. Veja have a dedicated vegan section on their site and multiple online and high street stockists also stock selected vegan Veja shoes, so shopping for them should not be difficult. Check product titles and descriptions if you’re not sure, or head straight to the Shoecow Veja brand page for our vegan Veja edit.

For vegans that are happy to settle for a vegan-friendly brand (as opposed to 100% vegan), Veja’s commitment to ethical practice and sustainable materials certainly makes it one of the better choices.

We reached out to Veja for clarity on their vegan materials and were supplied with the following information:

Organic cotton
Canvas is made out of 100% certified organic and fairtrade cotton, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This method makes the land richer than it was before cultivating it as it combines
complementary species.

Made out of 100% recycled polyester, coming from recycled plastic bottles transformed into flakes and then into fibers in a Brazilian factory. 3 plastic bottles are needed to make one pair of VEJA. B-Mesh is a light, breathable and waterproof fabric.

Flannel is a 100% recycled fabric, it is brushed to create extra softness. 70% recycled cotton – 30% recycled polyester

The jersey lining is made out of 33% organic cotton and 67% recycled polyester coming from plastic bottles.

This mesh is a combination of two threads layered together. The resistant base is made of 30% recycled PET (plastic bottles). The top of knit is hexagonal pattern made of organic cotton. 70% organic cotton – 30% recycled PET

Vegan suede
Made in Brazil, in the State of São Paulo in Jacareí, this suede is a 100% vegan synthetic textile and an alternative to animal-produced suede. It is a nonwoven fabric made of microfibers that were needlepunched together and impregnated with P.U. resin, a less toxic process than the ones used to produce classic synthetics suedes.

Coated canvas
Made in Brazil, this coated cotton canvas is a substitute of our vegan suede on bright colors details which could bleed otherwise. Less ecological, we are very cautious, and we use it in small shots.

V-knit is a textile technic bringing elasticity and adaptability to the foot. It is constructed in one piece to reduce layering and stitches on the sneaker. This material is light and comfortable. 100% recycled polyester.

C.W.L. is an innovative bio-sourced vegan alternative to leather, coming from an Italian specialized company. Its particularity is that it is made of cotton coated by a vegetal P.U.. This P.U. is composed of 50% corn waste from the food industry and 50% regular P.U. 100% vegan.

Thermo Plastic Polyurethane is film fused as a panel on the sneaker. It brigns additional seamless support and it’s usually used as buttress. It gives a technical and sportive attitude to the lighter shoe.

We also asked questions about the glues used in vegan Veja shoes to ensure they are cruelty-free and received the following response:

For our cupsole sole, we use polyurethane. For our vulcanized sole, we use a glue made of polyurethane and poluchloroplene. To stiffen our textiles, we duplicate them with polyurethane and acrylic resin. We also use a reactive layer made of E.V.A.


This information was supplied to Shoecow July 2019.

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